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We go beyond measuring hashtags. We measure companies, people, products, events and more. Predict the virality of content and products.

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Our dashboard makes it easy to see exactly how viral your content is. We provide visual and actionable reports for increasing engagement. Go viral.

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Virality Score shows why Apple is viral — and when.
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What is Virality Score?

We believe virality means something. We measure the popularity of things in real-time.

Virality Score is an evolutionary ranking algorithm born out of the social web. It represents how we use the internet to communicate in the modern era. Discovered through years of research, it proves that all things have a measureable virality and can be ranked against each other.

Would you like to find out your rank?

Think of the internet and all content therein like the stock market. Imagine that all content is being traded; because it is. We just call it sharing or engagement. This is how we communicate and it's something that happens constantly at different rates. We aren't just talking about videos and web pages either. Ideas and things are being shared; people, places, companies, products, and more. Even colors, styles and opinions.

There exists no measured scale for virality...Until now.

We like to frivolously label things as being "viral" and we do so with emotion and our gut feeling. We can't quantify it. We doubt it. Unfortunately this doesn't help us make decisions based on "virality." That period of doubt is now over. Virality Score solves this problem telling you, in real-time, when content is viral and exactly how viral it is.

You might be thinking about PageRank. You wouldn't be wrong here. Virality Score is a modern ranking algorithm that goes beyond PageRank to provide the missing human element. It is based around people "voting" for internet content instead of pages "voting" for pages.

Learn & Optimize

Your next questions is why does this matter? What can we do with this information? As it turns out, a lot. We can learn and optimize our content and messages across the internet. You can be more effective in your online communication. Virality Score measures everything and understands the internet on a deep level. The characteristics of viral content have been discovered and, with Virality Score, now you can employ them in your own content. Go viral. Drive more traffic.

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